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30 July 2018
I've got a cat roaming around the back door last night. Caught the intruder around 12.30am when I went for a glass of water. He got scared. Run for the woods. Now, how do I connect my camera to your website so we can start mapping cats around Auckland? I can't wait to see more cat videos!!
Hey Junior, if you have a cool cat video you want to share, upload it to youtube and send me the link plus the day/time the event occurred to trespussgmail.com.
30 July 2018
Genius. Genius. Genius. Well played
Thanks for your kind words Robert. Don't forget to tell your friends :)
30 July 2018
Christine is savage
30 July 2018
There are motion-activated water jet sprays you can purchase online that are supposed to be effective. Less manual effort than a cage. If it works on cockatoos it'll work on cats.
Thanks Holly, I will look into it.
26 July 2018
This is a stupid website. You have too much time on your hands.
Thanks for you comments Christine, I agree this is a bit stupid. Thankfully it doesn't consume too much of my time.
25 July 2018
You should get a cage and trap them. Then hose them off in the morning before releasing them.
I have considered that... got a spare cage?
How does this work?

Click on an event in the calendar to view the security footage of the trespassing cat.

Why are you doing this?

We knew we had a cat problem, and our security light wasn't working, so I replaced it with a floodlight security camera. I then started saving all of the footage which had unexpected actvity... which happens to mostly be cats.

I thought it might be a good idea to map them against a calendar to see if I could determine a pattern. Knowing your enemy is half the battle.

If a picture is worth a thousend words - a video must be worth a million... but a website, well, that has to be worth a billion - right?

What type of cameras do you use?

We currently have two cameras, a Ring Floodlight Cam in the driveway and a Ring Spotlight Cam Solar in the garden.

What type of cat deterrents do you use?

We have three Puss Off ultrasonic solar powered alarms.

Have you tried any other methods to ged rid of cats?

Yep. Have tried sprays, powders, other cat alarms all with limited success.

If you have any other suggestions please get in touch and let me know.

How often do you update the website?

I will usually try and update it at least once a week, but if there isn't much activity or I'm too lasy, it might be a bit longer.

I think you have misidentified a cat?

It can happen... as you can probably tell it can be quite hard with some of the footage.

If you think I have made a mistake, please get in contact with me and we will fix it.

What are the laws regarding trespassing cats?

Where I live cats have the right to traspass on other peoples property.

It's up to the property owner to deter the cats without harming them.

I'm doing a report/study, can I use your data?

Sure. Please reference this site and give a link back if possible.

I want to keep up-to-date with this website, do you use social media?

I will try and post to twitter when I have new content or updates.

Hey, I think my cat is on your website?

Well, lets address it by it's proper name then. Contact me.

I have some gear I want you to test, where do I send it?

If you have any cameras, deterrants or traps you would like me to test, please get in touch through the contact form and we can go from there.